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MainViewFactory is a singleton for managing view factories.

Registering a view factory:

      canOpenFile: function (fullPath) {
          return (fullPath.slice(-4) === ".ico");
      openFile: function(file, pane) {
          return createIconView(file, pane);

The openFile method is used to open the file and construct a view of it. Implementation should add the view to the pane

 function createIconView(file, pane) {
     // IconView will construct its DOM and append
     //  it to pane.$el
     var view = new IconView(file, pane.$el);
     // Then tell the pane to add it to
     //  its view map and show it
     pane.addView(view, true);
     return new $.Deferred().resolve().promise();

Factories should only create 1 view of a file per pane. Brackets currently only supports 1 view of a file open at a given time but that may change to allow the same file open in more than 1 pane. Therefore Factories can do a simple check to see if a view already exists and show it before creating a new one:

 var view = pane.getViewForPath(file.fullPath);
 if (view) {
 } else {
     return createIconView(file, pane);





The view registration Database

    var _factories = [];


Public API


Finds a factory that can open the specified file

fullPath non-nullable string
the file to open
Returns: ?Factory
A factory that can create a view for the path or undefined if there isn't one.
    function findSuitableFactoryForPath(fullPath) {
        return _.find(_factories, function (factory) {
            // This could get more complex in the future by searching in this order
            //  1) a factory that can open the file by fullPath
            //  2) a factory that can open the file by name
            //  3) a factory that can open the file by filetype
            return factory.canOpenFile(fullPath);
Public API


Registers a view factory

factory non-nullable Factory
the view factory to register
    function registerViewFactory(factory) {