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The regular expression to check the cursor position

    var CURSOR_POS_EXP = new RegExp(":([^,]+)?(,(.+)?)?");


The currently open (or last open) QuickNavigateDialog

    var _curDialog;


Current plugin

    var currentPlugin = null;


    var fileList;


    var fileListPromise;


List of plugins

    var plugins = [];



Defines API for new QuickOpen plug-ins

    function QuickOpenPlugin(name, languageIds, done, search, match, itemFocus, itemSelect, resultsFormatter, matcherOptions, label) { = name;
        this.languageIds = languageIds;
        this.done = done; = search;
        this.match = match;
        this.itemFocus = itemFocus;
        this.itemSelect = itemSelect;
        this.resultsFormatter = resultsFormatter;
        this.matcherOptions = matcherOptions;
        this.label = label;
Public API


Creates and registers a new QuickOpenPlugin

pluginDef name: string,languageIds: !Array.<string>,done: ?function(),search: function(string,!StringMatch.StringMatcher):(!Array.<SearchResult,string>,$.Promise),match: function(string):boolean,itemFocus: ?function(?SearchResult,string,string,boolean),itemSelect: function(?SearchResult,string,string),resultsFormatter: ?function(SearchResult,string,string):string,matcherOptions: ?Object,label: ?string
Parameter Documentation: name - plug-in name, **must be unique** languageIds - language Ids array. Example: ["javascript", "css", "html"]. To allow any language, pass []. Required. done - called when quick open is complete. Plug-in should clear its internal state. Optional. search - takes a query string and a StringMatcher (the use of which is optional but can speed up your searches) and returns an array of strings or result objects that match the query; or a Promise that resolves to such an array. Required. match - takes a query string and returns true if this plug-in wants to provide results for this query. Required. itemFocus - performs an action when a result has been highlighted (via arrow keys, or by becoming top of the list). Passed the highlighted search result item (as returned by search()), the current query string, and a flag that is true if the item was highlighted explicitly (arrow keys), not implicitly (at top of list after last search()). Optional. itemSelect - performs an action when a result is chosen. Passed the highlighted search result item (as returned by search()), and the current query string. Required. resultsFormatter - takes a query string and an item string and returns a
  • item to insert into the displayed search results. Optional. matcherOptions - options to pass along to the StringMatcher (see StringMatch.StringMatcher for available options). Optional. label - if provided, the label to show before the query field. Optional. If itemFocus() makes changes to the current document or cursor/scroll position and then the user cancels Quick Open (via Esc), those changes are automatically reverted.
  •     function addQuickOpenPlugin(pluginDef) {
            plugins.push(new QuickOpenPlugin(
    Public API


    Opens the Quick Open bar prepopulated with the given prefix (to select a mode) and optionally with the given query text too. Updates text field contents if Quick Open already open.

    prefix nullable string
    initialString nullable string
        function beginSearch(prefix, initialString) {
            function createDialog() {
                _curDialog = new QuickNavigateDialog();
                _curDialog.showDialog(prefix, initialString);
            if (_curDialog) {
                if (_curDialog.isOpen) {
                    // Just start a search using the existing dialog.
                    _curDialog.setSearchFieldValue(prefix, initialString);
                } else {
                    // The dialog is already closing. Wait till it's done closing,
                    // then open a new dialog. (Calling close() again returns the
                    // promise for the deferred that was already kicked off when it
                    // started closing.)
            } else {
        function doFileSearch() {
            beginSearch("", getCurrentEditorSelectedText());
        function doGotoLine() {
            // TODO: Brackets doesn't support disabled menu items right now, when it does goto line and
            // goto definition should be disabled when there is not a current document
            if (DocumentManager.getCurrentDocument()) {
                beginSearch(":", "");
        function doDefinitionSearch() {
            if (DocumentManager.getCurrentDocument()) {
                beginSearch("@", getCurrentEditorSelectedText());
        // Listen for a change of project to invalidate our file list
        ProjectManager.on("projectOpen", function () {
            fileList = null;
        CommandManager.register(Strings.CMD_QUICK_OPEN,         Commands.NAVIGATE_QUICK_OPEN,       doFileSearch);
        CommandManager.register(Strings.CMD_GOTO_DEFINITION,    Commands.NAVIGATE_GOTO_DEFINITION,  doDefinitionSearch);
        CommandManager.register(Strings.CMD_GOTO_LINE,          Commands.NAVIGATE_GOTO_LINE,        doGotoLine);
        exports.beginSearch             = beginSearch;
        exports.addQuickOpenPlugin      = addQuickOpenPlugin;
        exports.highlightMatch          = highlightMatch;
        // Convenience exports for functions that most QuickOpen plugins would need.
        exports.stringMatch             = StringMatch.stringMatch;
        exports.SearchResult            = StringMatch.SearchResult;
        exports.basicMatchSort          = StringMatch.basicMatchSort;
        exports.multiFieldSort          = StringMatch.multiFieldSort;


    Attempts to extract a line number from the query where the line number is followed by a colon. Callers should explicitly test result with isNaN()

    query string
    string to extract line number from
    Returns: {query: string,local: boolean,line: number,ch: number}
    An object with the extracted line and column numbers, and two additional fields: query with the original position string and local indicating if the cursor position should be applied to the current file. Or null if the query is invalid
        function extractCursorPos(query) {
            var regInfo = query.match(CURSOR_POS_EXP);
            if (query.length <= 1 || !regInfo ||
                    (regInfo[1] && isNaN(regInfo[1])) ||
                    (regInfo[3] && isNaN(regInfo[3]))) {
                return null;
            return {
                query:  regInfo[0],
                local:  query[0] === ":",
                line:   regInfo[1] - 1 || 0,
                ch:     regInfo[3] - 1 || 0
    Public API


    Formats item's label as properly escaped HTML text, highlighting sections that match 'query'. If item is a SearchResult generated by stringMatch(), uses its metadata about which string ranges matched; else formats the label with no highlighting.

    item non-nullable string, SearchResult
    matchClass nullable string
    CSS class for highlighting matched text
    rangeFilter nullable function(boolean, string):string
    Returns: !string
    bolded, HTML-escaped result
        function highlightMatch(item, matchClass, rangeFilter) {
            var label = item.label || item;
            matchClass = matchClass || "quicksearch-namematch";
            var stringRanges = item.stringRanges;
            if (!stringRanges) {
                // If result didn't come from stringMatch(), highlight nothing
                stringRanges = [{
                    text: label,
                    matched: false,
                    includesLastSegment: true
            var displayName = "";
            if (item.scoreDebug) {
                var sd = item.scoreDebug;
                displayName += '<span title="sp:' + sd.special + ', m:' + sd.match +
                    ', ls:' + sd.lastSegment + ', b:' + sd.beginning +
                    ', ld:' + sd.lengthDeduction + ', c:' + sd.consecutive + ', nsos: ' +
                    sd.notStartingOnSpecial + ', upper: ' + sd.upper + '">(' + item.matchGoodness + ') </span>';
            // Put the path pieces together, highlighting the matched parts
            stringRanges.forEach(function (range) {
                if (range.matched) {
                    displayName += "<span class='" + matchClass + "'>";
                var rangeText = rangeFilter ? rangeFilter(range.includesLastSegment, range.text) : range.text;
                displayName += StringUtils.breakableUrl(rangeText);
                if (range.matched) {
                    displayName += "</span>";
            return displayName;
        function defaultResultsFormatter(item, query) {
            query = query.slice(query.indexOf("@") + 1, query.length);
            var displayName = highlightMatch(item);
            return "<li>" + displayName + "</li>";
        function _filenameResultsFormatter(item, query) {
            // For main label, we just want filename: drop most of the string
            function fileNameFilter(includesLastSegment, rangeText) {
                if (includesLastSegment) {
                    var rightmostSlash = rangeText.lastIndexOf('/');
                    return rangeText.substring(rightmostSlash + 1);  // safe even if rightmostSlash is -1
                } else {
                    return "";
            var displayName = highlightMatch(item, null, fileNameFilter);
            var displayPath = highlightMatch(item, "quicksearch-pathmatch");
            return "<li>" + displayName + "<br /><span class='quick-open-path'>" + displayPath + "</span></li>";




    QuickNavigateDialog class

        function QuickNavigateDialog() {
            this.$searchField = undefined; // defined when showDialog() is called
            // ModalBar event handlers & callbacks
            this._handleCloseBar           = this._handleCloseBar.bind(this);
            // QuickSearchField callbacks
            this._handleItemSelect         = this._handleItemSelect.bind(this);
            this._handleItemHighlight      = this._handleItemHighlight.bind(this);
            this._filterCallback           = this._filterCallback.bind(this);
            this._resultsFormatterCallback = this._resultsFormatterCallback.bind(this);
            // StringMatchers that cache in-progress query data.
            this._filenameMatcher           = new StringMatch.StringMatcher({
                segmentedSearch: true
            this._matchers                  = {};




        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._closeDeferred = null;


        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._filenameMatcher = null;


    Object.<string, StringMatch.StringMatcher>
        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._matchers = null;


        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._origDocPath = null;


    ?{x:number, y:number}
        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._origScrollPos = null;
        function _filenameFromPath(path, includeExtension) {
            var end;
            if (includeExtension) {
                end = path.length;
            } else {
                end = path.lastIndexOf(".");
                if (end === -1) {
                    end = path.length;
            return path.slice(path.lastIndexOf("/") + 1, end);


    ?Array.<{{start:{line:number, ch:number}, end:{line:number, ch:number}, primary:boolean, reversed:boolean}}>
        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._origSelections = null;


    True if the search bar is currently open. Note that this is set to false immediately when the bar starts closing; it doesn't wait for the ModalBar animation to finish.

        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype.isOpen = false;




    Handles changes to the current query in the search field.

    query string
    The new query.
    Returns: $.Promise,Array.<*>,{error:?string}
    The filtered list of results, an error object, or a Promise that yields one of those
        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._filterCallback = function (query) {
            // Re-evaluate which plugin is active each time query string changes
            currentPlugin = null;
            // "Go to line" mode is special-cased
            var cursorPos = extractCursorPos(query);
            if (cursorPos && cursorPos.local) {
                // Bare Go to Line (no filename search) - can validate & jump to it now, without waiting for Enter/commit
                var editor = EditorManager.getCurrentFullEditor();
                // Validate (could just use 0 and lineCount() here, but in future might want this to work for inline editors too)
                if (cursorPos && editor && cursorPos.line >= editor.getFirstVisibleLine() && cursorPos.line <= editor.getLastVisibleLine()) {
                    var from = {line: cursorPos.line, ch:},
                        to   = {line: cursorPos.line};
                    EditorManager.getCurrentFullEditor().setSelection(from, to, true);
                    return { error: null };  // no error even though no results listed
                } else {
                    return [];  // red error highlight: line number out of range, or no editor open
            if (query === ":") {  // treat blank ":" query as valid, but no-op
                return { error: null };
            // Try to invoke a search plugin
            var curDoc = DocumentManager.getCurrentDocument(), languageId;
            if (curDoc) {
                languageId = curDoc.getLanguage().getId();
            var i;
            for (i = 0; i < plugins.length; i++) {
                var plugin = plugins[i];
                var languageIdMatch = plugin.languageIds.length === 0 || plugin.languageIds.indexOf(languageId) !== -1;
                if (languageIdMatch && plugin.match(query)) {
                    currentPlugin = plugin;
                    // Look up the StringMatcher for this plugin.
                    var matcher = this._matchers[];
                    if (!matcher) {
                        matcher = new StringMatch.StringMatcher(plugin.matcherOptions);
                        this._matchers[] = matcher;
                    this._updateDialogLabel(plugin, query);
                    return, matcher);
            // Reflect current search mode in UI
            this._updateDialogLabel(null, query);
            // No matching plugin: use default file search mode
            return searchFileList(query, this._filenameMatcher);


    Opens the file specified by selected item if there is no current plug-in, otherwise defers handling to the currentPlugin

        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._handleItemHighlight = function (selectedItem, query, explicit) {
            if (currentPlugin && currentPlugin.itemFocus) {
                currentPlugin.itemFocus(selectedItem, query, explicit);


    Navigates to the appropriate file and file location given the selected item and closes the dialog.

    Note, if selectedItem is null quick search should inspect $searchField for text that may have not matched anything in the list, but may have information for carrying out an action (e.g. go to line).

        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._handleItemSelect = function (selectedItem, query) {
            var doClose = true,
                self = this;
            // Delegate to current plugin
            if (currentPlugin) {
                currentPlugin.itemSelect(selectedItem, query);
            } else {
                // Extract line/col number, if any
                var cursorPos = extractCursorPos(query);
                // Navigate to file and line number
                var fullPath = selectedItem && selectedItem.fullPath;
                if (fullPath) {
                    // We need to fix up the current editor's scroll pos before switching to the next one. But if
                    // we run the full close() now, ModalBar's animate-out won't be smooth (gets starved of cycles
                    // during creation of the new editor). So we call prepareClose() to do *only* the scroll pos
                    // fixup, and let the full close() be triggered later when the new editor takes focus.
                    doClose = false;
                    CommandManager.execute(Commands.CMD_ADD_TO_WORKINGSET_AND_OPEN, {fullPath: fullPath})
                        .done(function () {
                            if (cursorPos) {
                                var editor = EditorManager.getCurrentFullEditor();
                                editor.setCursorPos(cursorPos.line,, true);
                        .always(function () {
                            // Ensure we finish closing even if file failed to open, or file was already current (in
                            // either case, we may not get a blur to trigger ModalBar to auto-close)
                } else if (cursorPos) {
                    EditorManager.getCurrentFullEditor().setCursorPos(cursorPos.line,, true);
            if (doClose) {


    Formats the entry for the given item to be displayed in the dropdown.

    item Object
    The item to be displayed.
    Returns: string
    The HTML to be displayed.
        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._resultsFormatterCallback = function (item, query) {
            var formatter;
            if (currentPlugin) {
                // Plugins use their own formatter or the default formatter
                formatter = currentPlugin.resultsFormatter || defaultResultsFormatter;
            } else {
                // No plugin: default file search mode uses a special formatter
                formatter = _filenameResultsFormatter;
            return formatter(item, query);


    Sets the dialog label based on the current plugin (if any) and the current query.

    plugin Object
    The current Quick Open plugin, or none if there is none.
    query string
    The user's current query.
        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._updateDialogLabel = function (plugin, query) {
            var dialogLabel = "";
            if (plugin && plugin.label) {
                dialogLabel = plugin.label;
            } else {
                var prefix = (query.length > 0 ? query.charAt(0) : "");
                // Update the dialog label based on the current prefix.
                switch (prefix) {
                case ":":
                    dialogLabel = Strings.CMD_GOTO_LINE + "\u2026";
                case "@":
                    dialogLabel = Strings.CMD_GOTO_DEFINITION + "\u2026";
                    dialogLabel = "";
            $(".find-dialog-label", this.dialog).text(dialogLabel);


    Closes the search bar; if search bar is already closing, returns the Promise that is tracking the existing close activity.

    Returns: $.Promise
    Resolved when the search bar is entirely closed.
        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype.close = function () {
            if (!this.isOpen) {
                return this.closePromise;
            this.modalBar.close();  // triggers _handleCloseBar(), setting closePromise
            return this.closePromise;
        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype._handleCloseBar = function (event, reason, modalBarClosePromise) {
            this.closePromise = modalBarClosePromise;
            this.isOpen = false;
            var i;
            for (i = 0; i < plugins.length; i++) {
                var plugin = plugins[i];
                if (plugin.done) {
            // Close popup & ensure we ignore any still-pending result promises
            // Restore original selection / scroll pos if closed via Escape
            if (reason === ModalBar.CLOSE_ESCAPE) {
                // We can reset the scroll position synchronously on ModalBar's "close" event (before close animation
                // completes) since ModalBar has already resized the editor and done its own scroll adjustment before
                // this event fired - so anything we set here will override the pos that was (re)set by ModalBar.
                var editor = EditorManager.getCurrentFullEditor();
                if (this._origSelections) {
                if (this._origScrollPos) {
                    editor.setScrollPos(this._origScrollPos.x, this._origScrollPos.y);
        function _doSearchFileList(query, matcher) {
            // Strip off line/col number suffix so it doesn't interfere with filename search
            var cursorPos = extractCursorPos(query);
            if (cursorPos && !cursorPos.local && cursorPos.query !== "") {
                query = query.replace(cursorPos.query, "");
            // First pass: filter based on search string; convert to SearchResults containing extra info
            // for sorting & display
            var filteredList = $.map(fileList, function (fileInfo) {
                // Is it a match at all?
                // match query against the full path (with gaps between query characters allowed)
                var searchResult;
                searchResult = matcher.match(ProjectManager.makeProjectRelativeIfPossible(fileInfo.fullPath), query);
                if (searchResult) {
                    searchResult.label =;
                    searchResult.fullPath = fileInfo.fullPath;
                    searchResult.filenameWithoutExtension = _filenameFromPath(, false);
                return searchResult;
            // Sort by "match goodness" tier first, then within each tier sort alphabetically - first by filename
            // sans extension, (so that "abc.js" comes before "abc-d.js"), then by filename, and finally (for
            // identically-named files) by full path
            StringMatch.multiFieldSort(filteredList, { matchGoodness: 0, filenameWithoutExtension: 1, label: 2, fullPath: 3 });
            return filteredList;
        function searchFileList(query, matcher) {
            // The file index may still be loading asynchronously - if so, can't return a result yet
            if (!fileList) {
                var asyncResult = new $.Deferred();
                fileListPromise.done(function () {
                    // Synchronously re-run the search call and resolve with its results
                    asyncResult.resolve(_doSearchFileList(query, matcher));
                return asyncResult.promise();
            } else {
                return _doSearchFileList(query, matcher);


    Sets the value in the search field, updating the current mode and label based on the given prefix.

    prefix string
    The prefix that determines which mode we're in: must be empty (for file search), "@" for go to definition, or ":" for go to line.
    initialString string
    The query string to search for (without the prefix).
        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype.setSearchFieldValue = function (prefix, initialString) {
            prefix = prefix || "";
            initialString = initialString || "";
            initialString = prefix + initialString;
            // Select just the text after the prefix
            this.$searchField[0].setSelectionRange(prefix.length, initialString.length);


    Shows the search dialog and initializes the auto suggestion list with filenames from the current project

        QuickNavigateDialog.prototype.showDialog = function (prefix, initialString) {
            if (this.isOpen) {
            this.isOpen = true;
            // Record current document & cursor pos so we can restore it if search is canceled
            // We record scroll pos *before* modal bar is opened since we're going to restore it *after* it's closed
            var curDoc = DocumentManager.getCurrentDocument();
            this._origDocPath = curDoc ? curDoc.file.fullPath : null;
            if (curDoc) {
                this._origSelections = EditorManager.getCurrentFullEditor().getSelections();
                this._origScrollPos = EditorManager.getCurrentFullEditor().getScrollPos();
            } else {
                this._origSelections = null;
                this._origScrollPos = null;
            // Show the search bar
            var searchBarHTML = "<div align='right'><input type='text' autocomplete='off' id='quickOpenSearch' placeholder='" + Strings.CMD_QUICK_OPEN + "\u2026' style='width: 30em'><span class='find-dialog-label'></span></div>";
            this.modalBar = new ModalBar(searchBarHTML, true);
            this.modalBar.on("close", this._handleCloseBar);
            this.$searchField = $("input#quickOpenSearch");
            this.searchField = new QuickSearchField(this.$searchField, {
                maxResults: 20,
                firstHighlightIndex: 0,
                verticalAdjust: this.modalBar.getRoot().outerHeight(),
                resultProvider: this._filterCallback,
                formatter: this._resultsFormatterCallback,
                onCommit: this._handleItemSelect,
                onHighlight: this._handleItemHighlight
            // Return files that are non-binary, or binary files that have a custom viewer
            function _filter(file) {
                return !LanguageManager.getLanguageForPath(file.fullPath).isBinary() ||
            // Start prefetching the file list, which will be needed the first time the user enters an un-prefixed query. If file index
            // caches are out of date, this list might take some time to asynchronously build, forcing searchFileList() to wait. In the
            // meantime we show our old, stale fileList (unless the user has switched projects and we cleared it).
            fileListPromise = ProjectManager.getAllFiles(_filter, true)
                .done(function (files) {
                    fileList = files;
                    fileListPromise = null;
            // Prepopulated query
            this.setSearchFieldValue(prefix, initialString);
        function getCurrentEditorSelectedText() {
            var currentEditor = EditorManager.getActiveEditor();
            return (currentEditor && currentEditor.getSelectedText()) || "";