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DocumentManager maintains a list of currently 'open' Documents. The DocumentManager is responsible for coordinating document operations and dispatching certain document events.

Document is the model for a file's contents; it dispatches events whenever those contents change. To transiently inspect a file's content, simply get a Document and call getText() on it. However, to be notified of Document changes or to modify a Document, you MUST call addRef() to ensure the Document instance 'stays alive' and is shared by all other who read/modify that file. ('Open' Documents are all Documents that are 'kept alive', i.e. have ref count > 0).

To get a Document, call getDocumentForPath(); never new up a Document yourself.

Secretly, a Document may use an Editor instance to act as the model for its internal state. (This is unavoidable because CodeMirror does not separate its model from its UI). Documents are not modifiable until they have a backing 'master Editor'. Creation of the backing Editor is owned by EditorManager. A Document only gets a backing Editor if it opened in an editor.

A non-modifiable Document may still dispatch change notifications, if the Document was changed externally on disk.

Aside from the text content, Document tracks a few pieces of metadata - notably, whether there are any unsaved changes.

This module dispatches several events:

  • dirtyFlagChange -- When any Document's isDirty flag changes. The 2nd arg to the listener is the Document whose flag changed.
  • documentSaved -- When a Document's changes have been saved. The 2nd arg to the listener is the Document that has been saved.
  • documentRefreshed -- When a Document's contents have been reloaded from disk. The 2nd arg to the listener is the Document that has been refreshed.

NOTE: WorkingSet APIs have been deprecated and have moved to MainViewManager as WorkingSet APIs Some WorkingSet APIs that have been identified as being used by 3rd party extensions will emit deprecation warnings and call the WorkingSet APIS to maintain backwards compatibility

  • currentDocumentChange -- Deprecated: use EditorManager activeEditorChange (which covers all editors, not just full-sized editors) or MainViewManager currentFileChange (which covers full-sized views only, but is also triggered for non-editor views e.g. image files).

  • fileNameChange -- When the name of a file or folder has changed. The 2nd arg is the old name. The 3rd arg is the new name. Generally, however, file objects have already been changed by the time this event is dispatched so code that relies on matching the filename to a file object will need to compare the newname.

  • pathDeleted -- When a file or folder has been deleted. The 2nd arg is the path that was deleted.

To listen for events, do something like this: (see EventDispatcher for details on this pattern) DocumentManager.on("eventname", handler);

Document objects themselves also dispatch some events - see Document docs for details.





All documents with refCount > 0. Maps -> Document.

Object.<string, Document>
    var _openDocuments = {};


    var _untitledDocumentPath = "/_brackets_" + _.random(10000000, 99999999);




Cleans up any loose Documents whose only ref is its own master Editor, and that Editor is not rooted in the UI anywhere. This can happen if the Editor is auto-created via Document APIs that trigger _ensureMasterEditor() without making it dirty. E.g. a command invoked on the focused inline editor makes no-op edits or does a read-only operation.

    function _gcDocuments() {
        getAllOpenDocuments().forEach(function (doc) {
            // Is the only ref to this document its own master Editor?
            if (doc._refCount === 1 && doc._masterEditor) {
                // Destroy the Editor if it's not being kept alive by the UI


    function _handleLanguageAdded() {
        _.forEach(_openDocuments, function (doc) {
            // No need to look at the new language if this document has one already
            if (doc.getLanguage().isFallbackLanguage()) {


    function _handleLanguageModified(event, language) {
        _.forEach(_openDocuments, function (doc) {
            var docLanguage = doc.getLanguage();
            // A modified language can affect a document
            // - if its language was modified
            // - if the document doesn't have a language yet and its file extension was added to the modified language
            if (docLanguage === language || docLanguage.isFallbackLanguage()) {

    // For compatibility
        .on("_afterDocumentCreate", function (event, doc) {
            if (_openDocuments[]) {
                console.error("Document for this path already in _openDocuments!");
                return true;

            _openDocuments[] = doc;
            exports.trigger("afterDocumentCreate", doc);
        .on("_beforeDocumentDelete", function (event, doc) {
            if (!_openDocuments[]) {
                console.error("Document with references was not in _openDocuments!");
                return true;

            exports.trigger("beforeDocumentDelete", doc);
            delete _openDocuments[];
        .on("_documentRefreshed", function (event, doc) {
            exports.trigger("documentRefreshed", doc);
        .on("_dirtyFlagChange", function (event, doc) {
            // Modules listening on the doc instance notified about dirtyflag change
            // To be used internally by Editor
            doc.trigger("_dirtyFlagChange", doc);
            exports.trigger("dirtyFlagChange", doc);
            if (doc.isDirty) {
                MainViewManager.addToWorkingSet(MainViewManager.ACTIVE_PANE, doc.file);

                // We just dirtied a doc and added it to the active working set
                //  this may have come from an internal dirtying so if it was
                //  added to a working set that had no active document then
                //  open the document
                // See:
                // NOTE: Adding a file to the active working set may not actually add
                //       it to the active working set (e.g. the document was already
                //       opened to the inactive working set.)
                //       Check that it was actually added to the active working set

                if (!MainViewManager.getCurrentlyViewedFile() &&
                        MainViewManager.findInWorkingSet(MainViewManager.ACTIVE_PANE, doc.file.fullPath) !== -1) {
                    CommandManager.execute(Commands.FILE_OPEN, {fullPath: doc.file.fullPath});
        .on("_documentSaved", function (event, doc) {
            exports.trigger("documentSaved", doc);

    // Set up event dispatch

    // This deprecated event is dispatched manually from "currentFileChange" below
    EventDispatcher.markDeprecated(exports, "currentDocumentChange", "MainViewManager.currentFileChange");

    // These deprecated events are automatically dispatched by DeprecationWarning, set up in AppInit.extensionsLoaded()
    EventDispatcher.markDeprecated(exports, "workingSetAdd",        "MainViewManager.workingSetAdd");
    EventDispatcher.markDeprecated(exports, "workingSetAddList",    "MainViewManager.workingSetAddList");
    EventDispatcher.markDeprecated(exports, "workingSetRemove",     "MainViewManager.workingSetRemove");
    EventDispatcher.markDeprecated(exports, "workingSetRemoveList", "MainViewManager.workingSetRemoveList");
    EventDispatcher.markDeprecated(exports, "workingSetSort",       "MainViewManager.workingSetSort");
Public API

deprecated addListToWorkingSet

fileList non-nullable Array.<File>
    function addListToWorkingSet(fileList) {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use MainViewManager.addListToWorkingSet() instead of DocumentManager.addListToWorkingSet()", true);
        MainViewManager.addListToWorkingSet(MainViewManager.ACTIVE_PANE, fileList);
Public API

deprecated addToWorkingSet

Adds the given file to the end of the working set list.

file non-nullable File
index optional number
Position to add to list (defaults to last); -1 is ignored
forceRedraw optional boolean
If true, a working set change notification is always sent (useful if suppressRedraw was used with removeFromWorkingSet() earlier)
    function addToWorkingSet(file, index, forceRedraw) {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use MainViewManager.addToWorkingSet() instead of DocumentManager.addToWorkingSet()", true);
        MainViewManager.addToWorkingSet(MainViewManager.ACTIVE_PANE, file, index, forceRedraw);
Public API

deprecated beginDocumentNavigation

freezes the Working Set MRU list

    function beginDocumentNavigation() {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use MainViewManager.beginTraversal() instead of DocumentManager.beginDocumentNavigation()", true);
Public API

deprecated closeAll

closes all open files

    function closeAll() {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use CommandManager.execute(Commands.FILE_CLOSE_ALL,{PaneId: MainViewManager.ALL_PANES}) instead of DocumentManager.closeAll()", true);
        CommandManager.execute(Commands.FILE_CLOSE_ALL, {PaneId: MainViewManager.ALL_PANES});
Public API

deprecated closeFullEditor

closes the specified file file

file non-nullable File
the file to close
    function closeFullEditor(file) {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use CommandManager.execute(Commands.FILE_CLOSE, {File: file} instead of DocumentManager.closeFullEditor()", true);
        CommandManager.execute(Commands.FILE_CLOSE, {File: file});
Public API


Creates an untitled document. The associated File has a fullPath that looks like /some-random-string/Untitled-counter.fileExt.

counter number
used in the name of the new Document's File
fileExt string
file extension of the new Document's File, including "."
Returns: Document
- a new untitled Document
    function createUntitledDocument(counter, fileExt) {
        var filename = Strings.UNTITLED + "-" + counter + fileExt,
            fullPath = _untitledDocumentPath + "/" + filename,
            now = new Date(),
            file = new InMemoryFile(fullPath, FileSystem);

        FileSystem.addEntryForPathIfRequired(file, fullPath);

        return new DocumentModule.Document(file, now, "");
Public API

deprecated finalizeDocumentNavigation

ends document navigation and moves the current file to the front of the MRU list in the Working Set

    function finalizeDocumentNavigation() {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use MainViewManager.endTraversal() instead of DocumentManager.finalizeDocumentNavigation()", true);
Public API

deprecated findInWorkingSet

Returns the index of the file matching fullPath in the working set.

fullPath non-nullable string
Returns: number
index, -1 if not found
    function findInWorkingSet(fullPath) {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use MainViewManager.findInWorkingSet() instead of DocumentManager.findInWorkingSet()", true);
        return MainViewManager.findInWorkingSet(MainViewManager.ACTIVE_PANE, fullPath);
Public API


Returns all Documents that are 'open' in the UI somewhere (for now, this means open in an inline editor and/or a full-size editor). Only these Documents can be modified, and only these Documents are synced with external changes on disk.

Returns: Array.<Document>
    function getAllOpenDocuments() {
        var result = [];
        var id;
        for (id in _openDocuments) {
            if (_openDocuments.hasOwnProperty(id)) {
        return result;
Public API


Returns the Document that is currently open in the editor UI. May be null.

Returns: ?Document
    function getCurrentDocument() {
        var file = MainViewManager.getCurrentlyViewedFile(MainViewManager.ACTIVE_PANE);

        if (file) {
            return getOpenDocumentForPath(file.fullPath);

        return null;
Public API


Gets an existing open Document for the given file, or creates a new one if the Document is not currently open ('open' means referenced by the UI somewhere). Always use this method to get Documents; do not call the Document constructor directly. This method is safe to call in parallel.

If you are going to hang onto the Document for more than just the duration of a command - e.g. if you are going to display its contents in a piece of UI - then you must addRef() the Document and listen for changes on it. (Note: opening the Document in an Editor automatically manages refs and listeners for that Editor UI).

If all you need is the Document's getText() value, use the faster getDocumentText() instead.

fullPath non-nullable string
fileObj non-nullable object
actual File|RemoteFile or some other protocol adapter handle
Returns: $.Promise
A promise object that will be resolved with the Document, or rejected with a FileSystemError if the file is not yet open and can't be read from disk.
    function getDocumentForPath(fullPath, fileObj) {
        var doc = getOpenDocumentForPath(fullPath);

        if (doc) {
            // use existing document
            return new $.Deferred().resolve(doc).promise();
        } else {
            var result = new $.Deferred(),
                promise = result.promise();

            // return null in case of untitled documents
            if (fullPath.indexOf(_untitledDocumentPath) === 0) {
                return promise;

            var file            = fileObj || FileSystem.getFileForPath(fullPath),
                pendingPromise  = getDocumentForPath._pendingDocumentPromises[];

            if (pendingPromise) {
                // wait for the result of a previous request
                return pendingPromise;
            } else {
                // log this document's Promise as pending
                getDocumentForPath._pendingDocumentPromises[] = promise;

                // create a new document
                var perfTimerName = PerfUtils.markStart("getDocumentForPath:\t" + fullPath);

                result.done(function () {
                }).fail(function () {

                    .always(function () {
                        // document is no longer pending
                        delete getDocumentForPath._pendingDocumentPromises[];
                    .done(function (rawText, readTimestamp) {
                        doc = new DocumentModule.Document(file, readTimestamp, rawText);

                        // This is a good point to clean up any old dangling Documents

                    .fail(function (fileError) {

                return promise;
Public API


Gets the text of a Document (including any unsaved changes), or would-be Document if the file is not actually open. More efficient than getDocumentForPath(). Use when you're reading document(s) but don't need to hang onto a Document object.

If the file is open this is equivalent to calling getOpenDocumentForPath().getText(). If the file is NOT open, this is like calling getDocumentForPath()...getText() but more efficient. Differs from plain FileUtils.readAsText() in two ways: (a) line endings are still normalized as in Document.getText(); (b) unsaved changes are returned if there are any.

file non-nullable File
The file to get the text for.
checkLineEndings optional boolean
Whether to return line ending information. Default false (slightly more efficient).
Returns: $.Promise
A promise that is resolved with three parameters: contents - string: the document's text timestamp - Date: the last time the document was changed on disk (might not be the same as the last time it was changed in memory) lineEndings - string: the original line endings of the file, one of the FileUtils.LINE_ENDINGS_* constants; will be null if checkLineEndings was false. or rejected with a filesystem error.
    function getDocumentText(file, checkLineEndings) {
        var result = new $.Deferred(),
            doc = getOpenDocumentForPath(file.fullPath);
        if (doc) {
            result.resolve(doc.getText(), doc.diskTimestamp, checkLineEndings ? doc._lineEndings : null);
        } else {
   (err, contents, encoding, stat) {
                if (err) {
                } else {
                    // Normalize line endings the same way Document would, but don't actually
                    // new up a Document (which entails a bunch of object churn).
                    var originalLineEndings = checkLineEndings ? FileUtils.sniffLineEndings(contents) : null;
                    contents = DocumentModule.Document.normalizeText(contents);
                    result.resolve(contents, stat.mtime, originalLineEndings);
        return result.promise();
Public API

deprecated getNextPrevFile

Get the next or previous file in the working set, in MRU order (relative to currentDocument). May return currentDocument itself if working set is length 1.

    function getNextPrevFile(inc) {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use MainViewManager.traverseToNextViewByMRU() instead of DocumentManager.getNextPrevFile()", true);
        var result = MainViewManager.traverseToNextViewByMRU(inc);
        if (result) {
            return result.file;
        return null;
Public API


Returns the existing open Document for the given file, or null if the file is not open ('open' means referenced by the UI somewhere). If you will hang onto the Document, you must addRef() it; see <a href="#-getDocumentForPath">getDocumentForPath</a> for details.

fullPath non-nullable string
Returns: ?Document
    function getOpenDocumentForPath(fullPath) {
        var id;

        // Need to walk all open documents and check for matching path. We can't
        // use getFileForPath(fullPath).id since the file it returns won't match
        // an Untitled document's InMemoryFile.
        for (id in _openDocuments) {
            if (_openDocuments.hasOwnProperty(id)) {
                if (_openDocuments[id].file.fullPath === fullPath) {
                    return _openDocuments[id];
        return null;
Public API

deprecated getWorkingSet

Returns a list of items in the working set in UI list order. May be 0-length, but never null.

Returns: Array.<File>
    function getWorkingSet() {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use MainViewManager.getWorkingSet() instead of DocumentManager.getWorkingSet()", true);
        return MainViewManager.getWorkingSet(MainViewManager.ALL_PANES)
            .filter(function (file) {
                // Legacy didn't allow for files with custom viewers
                return !MainViewFactory.findSuitableFactoryForPath(file.fullPath);
Public API


Reacts to a file being deleted: if there is a Document for this file, causes it to dispatch a "deleted" event; ensures it's not the currentDocument; and removes this file from the working set. These actions in turn cause all open editors for this file to close. Discards any unsaved changes - it is expected that the UI has already confirmed with the user before calling.

To simply close a main editor when the file hasn't been deleted, use closeFullEditor() or FILE_CLOSE.

FUTURE: Instead of an explicit notify, we should eventually listen for deletion events on some sort of "project file model," making this just a private event handler.

NOTE: This function is not for general consumption, is considered private and may be deprecated without warning in a future release.

file non-nullable File
    function notifyFileDeleted(file) {
        // Notify all editors to close as well
        exports.trigger("pathDeleted", file.fullPath);

        var doc = getOpenDocumentForPath(file.fullPath);

        if (doc) {

        // At this point, all those other views SHOULD have released the Doc
        if (doc && doc._refCount > 0) {
            console.warn("Deleted " + file.fullPath + " Document still has " + doc._refCount + " references. Did someone addRef() without listening for 'deleted'?");
Public API


Called after a file or folder has been deleted. This function is responsible for updating underlying model data and notifying all views of the change.

fullPath string
The path of the file/folder that has been deleted
    function notifyPathDeleted(fullPath) {
        // FileSyncManager.syncOpenDocuments() does all the work prompting
        //  the user to save any unsaved changes and then calls us back
        //  via notifyFileDeleted

        var projectRoot = ProjectManager.getProjectRoot(),
            context = {
                location : {
                    scope: "user",
                    layer: "project",
                    layerID: projectRoot.fullPath
        var encoding = PreferencesManager.getViewState("encoding", context);
        delete encoding[fullPath];
        PreferencesManager.setViewState("encoding", encoding, context);

        if (!getOpenDocumentForPath(fullPath) &&
                !MainViewManager.findInAllWorkingSets(fullPath).length) {
            // For images not open in the workingset,
            // FileSyncManager.syncOpenDocuments() will
            //  not tell us to close those views
            exports.trigger("pathDeleted", fullPath);
Public API


Called after a file or folder name has changed. This function is responsible for updating underlying model data and notifying all views of the change.

oldName string
The old name of the file/folder
newName string
The new name of the file/folder
    function notifyPathNameChanged(oldName, newName) {
        // Notify all open documents
        _.forEach(_openDocuments, function (doc) {
            // TODO: Only notify affected documents? For now _notifyFilePathChange
            // just updates the language if the extension changed, so it's fine
            // to call for all open docs.

        // Send a "fileNameChange" event. This will trigger the views to update.
        exports.trigger("fileNameChange", oldName, newName);
Public API

deprecated removeListFromWorkingSet

closes a list of files

list non-nullable Array.<File>
list of File objectgs to close
    function removeListFromWorkingSet(list) {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use CommandManager.execute(Commands.FILE_CLOSE_LIST, {PaneId: MainViewManager.ALL_PANES, fileList: list}) instead of DocumentManager.removeListFromWorkingSet()", true);
        CommandManager.execute(Commands.FILE_CLOSE_LIST, {PaneId: MainViewManager.ALL_PANES, fileList: list});
Public API

deprecated setCurrentDocument

opens the specified document for editing in the currently active pane

document non-nullable Document
The Document to make current.
    function setCurrentDocument(doc) {
        DeprecationWarning.deprecationWarning("Use CommandManager.execute(Commands.CMD_OPEN) instead of DocumentManager.setCurrentDocument()", true);
        CommandManager.execute(Commands.CMD_OPEN, {fullPath: doc.file.fullPath});