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Base class for live preview servers

Configuration parameters for this server:

  • baseUrl - Optional base URL (populated by the current project)
  • pathResolver - Function to covert absolute native paths to project relative paths
  • root - Native path to the project root (and base URL)
config {baseUrl: string, root: string, pathResolver: function(string): string}
    function BaseServer(config) {
        this._baseUrl       = config.baseUrl;
        this._root          = config.root;          // ProjectManager.getProjectRoot().fullPath
        this._pathResolver  = config.pathResolver;  // ProjectManager.makeProjectRelativeIfPossible(doc.file.fullPath)
        this._liveDocuments = {};




liveDocument Object
    BaseServer.prototype._setDocInfo = function (liveDocument) {
        var parentUrl,
            doc = liveDocument.doc;

        // FUTURE: some of these things should just be moved into core Document; others should
        // be in a LiveDevelopment-specific object attached to the doc.
        matches = /^(.*\/)(.+\.([^.]+))$/.exec(doc.file.fullPath);
        if (!matches) {

        doc.extension = matches[3];

        parentUrl = this.pathToUrl(matches[1]);
        doc.url = parentUrl + encodeURI(matches[2]);

        // the root represents the document that should be displayed in the browser
        // for live development (the file for HTML files)
        // TODO: Issue #2033 Improve how default page is determined
        doc.root = { url: doc.url };

        // TODO: Better workflow of liveDocument.doc.url assignment
        // Force sync the browser after a URL is assigned
        if (doc.isDirty && liveDocument._updateBrowser) {


Adds a live document to server

liveDocument Object
    BaseServer.prototype.add = function (liveDocument) {
        if (!liveDocument) {

        // use the project relative path as a key to lookup requests
        var key = this._documentKey(liveDocument.doc.file.fullPath);

        this._liveDocuments[key] = liveDocument;


Determines if this server can serve local file. LiveDevServerManager calls this method when determining if a server can serve a file.

localPath string
A local path to file being served.
Returns: boolean
true When the file can be served, otherwise false.
    BaseServer.prototype.canServe = function (localPath) {
        return true;

    BaseServer.prototype._documentKey = function (absolutePath) {
        return "/" + encodeURI(this._pathResolver(absolutePath));


Clears all live documents currently attached to the server

    BaseServer.prototype.clear = function () {
        this._liveDocuments = {};


Lookup a live document using it's full path key

path string
Absolute path to covert to a URL
liveDocument nullable Object
Returns a live document or undefined if a document does not exist for the path.
    BaseServer.prototype.get = function (path) {
        return this._liveDocuments[this._documentKey(path)];


Returns a base url for current project.

Returns: string
Base url for current project.
    BaseServer.prototype.getBaseUrl = function () {
        return this._baseUrl;


Returns a URL for a given path

path string
Absolute path to covert to a URL
Returns: ?string
Converts a path within the project root to a URL. Returns null if the path is not a descendant of the project root.
    BaseServer.prototype.pathToUrl = function (path) {
        var baseUrl         = this.getBaseUrl(),
            relativePath    = this._pathResolver(path);

        // See if base url has been specified and path is within project
        if (relativePath !== path) {
            // Map to server url. Base url is already encoded, so don't encode again.
            var encodedDocPath = encodeURI(path);
            var encodedProjectPath = encodeURI(this._root);

            return encodedDocPath.replace(encodedProjectPath, baseUrl);

        return null;


Called by LiveDevelopment before to prepare the server before navigating to the project's base URL. The provider returns a jQuery promise. The Live Development launch process waits until the promise is resolved or rejected. If the promise is rejected, an error window is shown and Live Development does not start..

Returns: jQuery.Promise
Promise that may be asynchronously resolved when the server is ready to handle HTTP requests.
    BaseServer.prototype.readyToServe = function () {
        // Base implementation always resolves
        return $.Deferred().resolve().promise();


Removes a live document from the server

liveDocument Object
    BaseServer.prototype.remove = function (liveDocument) {
        if (!liveDocument) {

        var key = this._liveDocuments[this._documentKey(liveDocument.doc.file.fullPath)];

        if (key) {
            delete this._liveDocuments[key];


Start the server

    BaseServer.prototype.start = function () {
        // do nothing


Stop the server

    BaseServer.prototype.stop = function () {
        // do nothing

    exports.BaseServer = BaseServer;


Convert a URL to a local full file path

url string
Returns: ?string
The absolute path for given URL or null if the path is not a descendant of the project.
    BaseServer.prototype.urlToPath = function (url) {
        var path,
            baseUrl = "";

        baseUrl = this.getBaseUrl();

        if (baseUrl !== "" && url.indexOf(baseUrl) === 0) {
            // Use base url to translate to local file path.
            // Need to use encoded project path because it's decoded below.
            path = url.replace(baseUrl, encodeURI(this._root));

            return decodeURI(path);

        return null;